Grading and points

There are two grades, A grade and B grade.
New members to the club are automatically entered into B grade.
Promotion to A grade can be achieved by entering the monthly competitions and being
awarded a total of 4 honours awards.

Promotion to A grade takes place the following competition year i.e. from November’s judging.

If you wish however to transfer to A grade straight away you can request to do so. No points will be carried over into A grade from B grade.

This may suit someone who reaches the B grade honours early in the year and wishes their images to be assessed against the higher A grade standard.

There is no time limit on achieving 4 honours awards to get promotion.
Once promotion to A grade occurs, the member’s honours count is set to zero.
Entries to monthly competitions
A maximum of three entries is permitted, one each in Set subject, Open and Experimental
All entries must abide by the clubs sizing rules for prints and digital images.
Images may only be resubmitted if they have been” Not accepted”
Images entered in the HBPS monthly competitions are graded and awarded points.
The points year runs from November to October. (October hand in to September hand in)
In both grades there are cups presented for the most points attained in a competition year.
(November – October).
Any image entered into any HBPS graded competition is graded as follows:
Note that as the standard in A grade is expected to be higher than B grade therefore images

are judged accordingly.

Not accepted (0 points)
Not of a suitable standard
Basic errors made such as out of focus, poor composition, no subject or subject undefined,
severely over or under exposed.
A record shot.
Does not meet set subject criteria
Poor post production
Poor presentation
Accepted (1 point)
Has seen a subject worthy of making an image. Some of the basic elements are evident
though the image needs a little more care and attention to detail.
Commended (3 points)
Demonstrating the ability to make an image for its special interest showing understanding of
the basic elements of composition and care with focus and exposure.
Highly commended (4 points)
Demonstrates the ability to make an image with some invention, creating interest and impact,
showing control of the basic elements and principles of lighting, composition and camera
Honours (5 points)
Demonstrates ability to manipulate photographic principles and processes to capture a
moment in time with outstanding impact and originality. It may break the rules but shows
understanding and mastery of the art of photography.
Judges choice (2 points)
Awarded to the image selected by the judge as their personal favourite.
One judge’s choice award in each of Set subject and Open for A grade and B grade and in
A grade awards
These awards are not time based and are running totals of honours achieved.
Bronze award 4 Honours
Silver award 8 Honours
Gold award 12 Honours
Platinum Award 20 Honours
Diamond Award 30 Honours