Committee members

Our committee is made up of a diverse group of passionate photographers who volunteer their time to ensure the club is run well. They also take responsibility to ensure the members are engaged in the clubs activities as well as with each other. If you have any queries on any aspect of the club and its events then please contact any of the committee, noting key roles below. 

Acknowledgement to our members

We have an extraordinary group of members many of whom provide additional support during club meetings, workshops, moderating Facebook and any other voluntary support. The committee wish to acknowledge and thank everyone who contributes whatever they can to ensure the smooth running of this club.

Are you inspired to see the world differently?

Be part of a generous and giving photography club whose members are not only supportive of each other, but as a group, learn and experience different ways of expressing their individual creativity. We invite you to find out more about our club and meet the members. We have a diversity of members, photographic interests and skill sets from beginners, passionate enthusiasts to semi and professional photographers. All are welcome.