Grading and points system


Members of HBPS are grouped into two grades:

‘B’ Grade: Members who have not yet earned enough awards to progress to ‘A’ Grade. 

  • New members to the club are automatically entered into ‘B’ Grade.

‘A’ Grade: Members who have progressed through ‘B’ Grade and achieved recognition.

  • Promotion to ‘A’ Grade can be achieved by entering the monthly competitions and being awarded a total of 4 honours awards.
  • Promotion to ‘A’ Grade takes place the following competition year i.e. from November’s judging.
  • If you wish however to transfer to ‘A’ Grade straight away you can request to do so. No points will be carried over into ‘A’ Grade from ‘B’ Grade.
  • This may suit someone who reaches the ‘B’ Grade honours early in the year and wishes their images to be assessed against the higher ‘A’ Grade standard.
  • There is no time limit on achieving 4 honours awards to get promotion. Once promotion to ‘A’ Grade occurs, the member’s honours count is set to zero.


Points system

  • Images entered in the HBPS monthly competitions are graded and awarded points.
  • The points year runs from February to November.
  • In both grades there are cups presented for the most points attained in a competition year (February – November).
  • Any image entered into any HBPS graded competition is graded as follows:
  • Note that as the standard in ‘A’ Grade is expected to be higher than ‘B’ Grade therefore images are judged accordingly.
  • Not of a suitable standard
  • Basic errors made such as out of focus, poor composition, no subject or subject undefined, severely over or under exposed.
  • A record shot.
  • Does not meet set subject criteria
  • Poor post production
  • Poor presentation
  • Has seen a subject worthy of making an image. Some of the basic elements are evident though the image needs a little more care and attention to detail.
  • Demonstrating the ability to make an image for its special interest showing understanding of the basic elements of composition and care with focus and exposure.

  • Demonstrates the ability to make an image with some invention, creating interest and impact, showing control of the basic elements and principles of lighting, composition and camera techniques.
  • Demonstrates ability to manipulate photographic principles and processes to capture a moment in time with outstanding impact and originality. It may break the rules but shows understanding and mastery of the art of photography.
  • Awarded to the image selected by the judge as their personal favourite.
  • One judge’s choice award in each of Set subject, Open category for ‘A’ & ‘B’ Grades and in Creative / Altered Reality category.
  • The Judges Choice 2 points are in addition to the Honours 5 points ie 7 points in total.

'A' Grade Awards

These awards are not time based and are running totals of honours achieved.

  • Bronze award 4 Honours
  • Silver award 8 Honours
  • Gold award 12 Honours
  • Platinum Award 20 Honours
  • Diamond Award 30 Honours