End of year competition and awards.

End of year competition.

The categories for the End of Year Print Competition are:

A Grade Colour
A Grade Black and White
B Grade Colour
B Grade Black and White
A & B Grade Creative

All entries must have been shown at the monthly club competitions during the competition year February 2019 – November 2019, or at the Mid Year Competition.  Entries are to be made into the current grade of the member, as at the time of the last Club meeting in November.

There will be one winner selected per category.

Colour images may be converted to black and white, and vice versa, from the version previously entered during the year.

Hand in is at the club night on 12 November 2019, which is the last workshop of the year.

Maximum number of entries per person = 2 per category ( so 6 in total ).

The images must be entered in the Grade that you are in at the time of entry ( so even if an image was judged previously in B Grade, and you have moved to A Grade, then the EOY prints will be judged as A Grade ).  If you are eligible to move to A Grade but have not yet done so then your images will be entered in the B Grade category.

Entry form must be completed otherwise entries will not be accepted

Print sizing rules:

Prints may be any size as long as the mount board size is between the maximum and minimum which is:

Maximum size: 20” x 16” (510mm x 410mm)

Minimum size:   9” x 7” (230mm x 180mm)

If there are any questions please contact a member of the Committee for clarification