Monthly Digital submissions

This form allows you a simple way to submit your images for the monthly digital valuations.

Technical support: If you experience difficulty in uploading your images then please contact

Confirmation of your entry: Confirmations will be sent directly to you within two days of close of submissions. Please do not request confirmation prior to close of submissions. If you do not receive your confirmation within this period then contact

Entries open: Second Tuesday of each month (Workshop day). FROM 9.00AM.

Entries close: Last Tuesday of each month (Judging day). 11.45PM.


Once you register and have uploaded your images you can revisit this area and amend uploads until close of entries.

Submissions checklist:

  • Ensure your images comply with the entry requirements 
  • Have you named your files correctly?
  • Have you saved your files correctly?
  • You are permitted to enter up to 3 images in any one month
  • Also you can only enter 2 images in any one category
For more information on entry requirements see this page link: Competitions

naming your image file correctly - follow the instructions below

Prefix number–Title of your image–Your Name–Month of entry.jpg 

Eg: 100Boat reflection–Joe Blogs–January.jpg

When you join this club you are automatically a ‘B’ GRADE Member. You achieve ‘A’ GRADE by submitting to the monthly valuations and achieving the required number of points to ascend to ‘A’ GRADE. For more details see this link: Grading and Points System


So please use the correct prefix when creating your file names before uploading.


‘A’ GRADE prefix is 400

Examples of correct formatting:

  • 400–Boat on river–Your Name–July.jpg
  • 400–Cat in a hat–Your Name–July.jpg

‘B’ GRADE prefix is 200

Examples of correct formatting:

  • 200–Red post box–Your Name–July.jpg
  • 200–Cascading water–Your Name–July.jpg


‘A’ & ‘B’ GRADE prefix is 500

Examples of correct formatting:

  • 500–Boat on river–Your Name–July.jpg
  • 500–Cat in a hat–Your Name–July.jpg


‘A’ GRADE prefix is 300

Examples of correct formatting:

  • 300–Boat on river–Your Name–July.jpg
  • 300–Cat in a hat–Your Name–July.jpg

‘B’ GRADE prefix is 100

Examples of correct formatting:

  • 100–Red post box–Your Name–July.jpg
  • 100–Cascading water–Your Name–July.jpg

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