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A post today on our Facebook page had me thinking about why I’ve picked up this strange beast called photography.

I have no wish to be a paid photographer – capitalism is far far away from my own socialist and commons views.

Part of it was opportunity.
Going from almost completely blind to seeing in one eye certainly gave me the opportunity.
That change however gave me the opportunity to  do lots of things.
So why stick with photography?
I’ve looked at photography as a journey.
Part of that journey is the places I go and the compositions I see, part of that journey is the people I meet and the conversations we have, part of that journey is the photography knowledge I gain and the expertise I build up and part of that journey is the equipment I buy and how to use it, part of that journey is giving others pleasure from what you can do and show.
The point of a journey is not that you arrive instantly – taking a while provides a joy that instant gratification can not.

There were a couple of moments this weekend that gave immense satisfaction. The first was when I went to take a picture in my home town where the Whanganui River meets the Ongarue River to form one river.

A couple were there with their son trying to both take an ipad selfie and not fall in the water. I asked if they would like me to take a photo and email it to to them. They wished this and I took a few pics. We had a chat. They were visiting town, had never been to this spot but always wanted to and were related to my old neighbours from when I was a child.

We had a good talk before they had to leave. The photos were sent off the following day. They, despite my nervousness about taking photos of people, came out OK.


Cribb Family

The second was in deciding I should take a photo of the Mount Hikurangi that presides over my home town. One of the things about living in this part of the country (Hawkes Bay) is you hear lots about a different Mount Hikurangi and many here either don’t know of the other one or don’t know what it is like.

I took a photo I simply could not have taken two years ago when I started on this journey.


Mount Hikurangi, Taumarunui.

My Gisborne colleagues are now appreciative of the other Hikurangi and have shared with me more of their Hikurangi story. We’re all better off.

Commonality, rather than difference, is what makes us human and photography is a great way to explore that commonality.

One of my punk rock heroes is Greg Graffin from the band Bad Religion. His autobiography  “Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science and Bad Religion in a World Without God” is a good read.

He had this to say:

“Creativity is a challenge. It requires us to be fully human — autonomous yet engaged, independent yet interdependent. Creativity bridges the conflict between our individualistic and our sociality. It celebrates the commonality of our species while simultaneously setting us apart as unique individuals.”
Author: Greg Graffin



Three people have now received four B grade honours and will move to A grade.

Penny Kennedy, Tanya Howie and myself are all now set to take on the higher level of judging that A grade provides. It’s a cool achievement that’s been part of the journey I talk about above.

Well done.



We had a discussion at the last committee meeting about adding more content to the website. When I set this one up it was  deliberately quite static as a starting point.

One of the aspects to using WordPress is the ability to increase the dynamics by including a blogging aspect. This gives all members the opportunity to contribute with their thoughts and knowledge on photography.

A nice balance of technical and hearts and minds blogging will make this work. Content will be moderated to avoid controversy and it must always be on topic – photography.
Next Meeting

Pixel wars judging will be at next meeting as will the results of “The eyes have it”

Look forward to seeing you all there.