Competition Rules and Guidance.

You are able to enter one photo per month in each section of the competition. Each photo can only be entered in one section.

Open Section.

This section is all yours. Pick your subject, take your best shot. We’re always pleased with the wide variety of images members come up with.

Set Subject

Each month there is a set subject for you to test your skills and creativity against. These subjects are set for the whole year, prior to each years commencement.  Main thing to remember is that the photo should clearly have a link to the theme that is evident to the viewer.


What some would refer to as playtime. This is where you get to try those photography techniques that cause others to ask how did they do that? No hard and fast rules but a slight preference for in-camera experimentation and the software usage enhancing rather than turning the image into something else completely.


For the monthly competition only digital images can be accepted.

This is so that they can be emailed or dropboxed to the NZIPP judges who may live anywhere in New Zealand.

All images must be your own photos. Any digital manipulation must have been done by yourself, or on your specific instructions. Professional scanning from film to digital media is allowed.


Digital Images

All files are to be in JPEG format and 300 dpi. Size restrictions have been removed so files can be reasonably large in order for your photos to be seen at their best.

In general between 1000 and 2000 pixels on the longest side is considered of a suitable quality for judging.

These should be emailed to by midnight of the meeting night that the subject finishes on.

Alternatively you can hand you images in at the meeting night on a CD or USB memory stick.

Labeling and Naming

Whether a printed image or a digital file name the same format is to be used.

XXX- Image title-Your name-Competition Month.jpg

100 for B grade set subject

200 for B grade open

300 for A grade set subject

400 for A grade open

500 for Creative / Experimental images

The competition month is the month when your images are shown at the club night (not the month you hand them in)

Example Joe Bloggs is in B grade and he submits 3 images in June for the July competition.

He enters one image in B grade set subject, one in B grade open and one image in the Creative section

His file names are thus:

100-Island sunset- joe bloggs-July

200- Big dog-joe bloggs-July

500-City at night-joe bloggs-July

End of year competition.

All entries must have been shown at the monthly club competitions during the competition year November 2015 – October 2016.

Field trip entries do not have to be seen before but must have been taken in the competition year November 2015 – October 2016. (These are photos taken at any club organised activity such field trips and workshop nights)

Digital images may be converted into prints.

Colour images may be converted to black and white and vice versa

Print sizing rules:

Prints may be any size as long as the mount board size is between the maximum and minimum which is:

Maximum size: 20” x 16” (510mm x 410mm)

Minimum size:   9” x 7” (230mm x 180mm)

Hand in at the club or email to with EOY in the subject line.

If handing in at the club night ensure monthly entries for November are on a separate flash drive / CD to end of year entries.

Maximum number of entries per person = 16

Entry form must be completed otherwise entries will not be accepted

Entries close: 19th November 2016.