Throughout the year we run digital and print competitions. This is an important part of the memberships’ creative development. 

Monthly Digital Competition

Each month the club runs a Digital only competition, where each member is able to submit up to 3 images for judging, with a maximum of 2 images in any category. The points awarded from the judging of these images are accumulated throughout the calendar year and prizes are awarded at the end of year dinner.

The judging for this competition is carried out by a mixture of local photographers and qualified PSNZ judges.

Image categories:


This section is all yours. Pick your subject, take your best shot. We’re always pleased with the wide variety of images members come up with.

Set Subject

Each month there is a set subject for you to test your skills and creativity against. These subjects are set for the whole year, prior to each years commencement. The main thing to remember is that the photo should clearly have a link to the theme that is evident to the viewer.


Creative / Altered Reality

What some would refer to as playtime. This is where you get to try those photography techniques that cause others to ask how did they do that? No hard and fast rules but a slight preference for in-camera experimentation and the software usage enhancing rather than turning the image into something else completely.

 Submission criteria:

  • A maximum of 3 images per month
  • No more than 2 images in any one category
  • Only digital files will be accepted. 
  • All images must be your own photos. Any digital manipulation must have been done by yourself, or on your specific instructions. Professional scanning from film to digital media is allowed.

How to submit your images - file naming, sizing and delivery:

Submit your competition entries here.

Important note

Please ensure you have read the above and that your files are correctly labelled and within the specified sizes for upload.
Okay, I'm ready to upload my files



Submission date:
26 January 2021


Submission date:
23 February 2021


Submission date:
30 March 2021


Submission date:
27 April 2021


Submission date:
25 May 2021


Submission date:
29 June 2021


Submission date:
27 July 2021


Submission date:
31 August 2021


Submission date:
28 September 2021


Submission date:
26 October 2021

Mid Year Print Competition

This competition is run in conjunction with our mid-year dinner, and is open to all members in either ‘A” or ‘B’ Grades. There are no set themes / subjects for entries, and the images are judged purely on their merits within an ‘open’ type category for ‘A’ and ‘B’ Grades separately. 

We normally use a local photographer as the judge and they award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the ‘A’ grade and ‘B’ grade sections on the night of the dinner. 

Note: For this competition the images do not have to have been submitted to the HBPS monthly competitions previously.

End of Year Print Competition

This competition is held in conjunction with our end of year / Christmas dinner, and is a celebration of the work that our members have undertaken during the year. There are 6 categories for entry and they reflect the categories for our monthly digital competitions. Entry is open to all members however the images submitted must have been entered into a monthly competition at some stage during the year or to the mid-year print competition during that year. 

We normally use a local photographer as the judge and they award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the categories on the night of the dinner.

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Be part of a generous and giving photography club whose members are not only supportive of each other, but as a group, learn and experience different ways of expressing their individual creativity. We invite you to find out more about our club and meet the members. We have a diversity of members, photographic interests and skill sets from beginners, passionate enthusiasts to semi and professional photographers. All are welcome.