HBPS CAN Exhibition 2022: 13 May to 26 May

Take part in the HBPS Creative Arts Napier (CAN) Exhibition 2022

Showcasing Excellence

The exhibition provides a platform to showcase the work of HBPS members, the diversity of subject matter and the excellence and creativity within the membership.

It is also a platform of awareness of the existence of HBPS to a wider audience who may not have thought of photography as an interest they would want to pursue – in effect a promotional exercise to encourage visitors to come along and see what we do and be part of a passionate community.

Image Eligibility

You must be a financial member of HBPS and the following criteria must be met to be eligible for exhibiting in any category for the following:

  • Monthly Digital Competition
  • Mid Year Print Awards
  • End of Year Print Award
  • All entered images MUST have been entered between March 2020 – March 2022 (over a two year period). So you have plenty of material to choose from.
  • Images cannot be entered into this exhibition if they have been shown in previous HBPS exhibitions.

Exhibiting Criteria

There will be two categories within which you will be able to exhibit.

  • Printed Wall Art Display
  • Digital Projection Display

Printed Wall Art Display

Priority will be given to wall art exhibition (as the HBPS have paid for physical space in the main exhibition hall). Eligible images must have meet the following to exhibit:

In the Monthly Digital Evaluation you have achieved:

  • Accepted, Commended, Highly Commended, Honours or Judges Choice

In the Print Competitions ie

  • Mid Year Competition & Awards: Placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Cup Winners
  • End of Year Competition & Awards: Category Awards winners in Colour, Black & White or Creative and Cup Winners
  • All who entered the print awards but did not achieve a placement or a win will also qualify to enter. We recognise the effort and expense in contributing to the print awards which needs to be rewarded by being displayed on the wall.

Minimum standard display specification

  1. Landscape or Portrait
  2. Minimum matted and mounted print (finished size 500mm x 400mm). Image can be any size within these dimensions.
  3. You can get your images professionally presented through Edges Art + Framing to the specification in point 2 at a cost of $50 inc. gst per image – see link:  www.edgesworkshop.co.nz

Other substrates framing will be permitted

  • ie framed, canvas, glass, acrylic etc
  • Images must be prepared with appropriate hanging mechanism suitable for hanging as advised by CAN

Image labelling

  • Authors name, photography honours eg LPSNZ, FPSNZ (if any), A or B Grade, category, image title, award achieved, (price if item is for sale).
  • At minimum: Author’s Name, Image title, A or B grade – the rest is optional if the individual knows what they achieved – saves admin work in finding this info.
    • Joe Blogs LPSNZ (A Grade)
    • Joe Blogs LPSNZ (A Grade) Set Subject: Pets – Commended ($250)
  • Place label on the back of the print in the top right corner
  • You can submit up to 5 images
    • If we have more images than the venue can comfortably take then we will need to make some decisions about which images can be displayed. To help us do this please number your images 1-5.  1 being high preference for display and 5 being least preferred if images have to be culled from the exhibition.

Digital Projection Display

ALL members who have submitted images to any of the Monthly Digital Evaluation or Print Competitions within the eligible time period (March 2020 – March 2022) will be eligible for digital projection display. This provides an opportunity for every member to be able to showcase, contribute and be part of the exhibition irrespective of having achieved commendation.

  • NOTE: If you have an image(s) displayed on the wall then this cannot be displayed as part of the digital projection
  • Image labelling
    • Image title, Category, Award achieved, Authors name, photography honours eg LPSNZ, FPSNZ (if any) A or B Grade.
    • eg: Cat in a hat_Set Subject, Pets_Commended_Joe Blogs LPSNZ (A Grade). jpeg
      • This will help in randomising images when displayed
  • Image sizing
    • Resolution:72ppi
    • Dimensions: 2000 pixels on the longest side
    • 4MB Max file size
  • You can submit up to 6 images

Submission Deadlines

Printed Wall Art Entries

  • Register your entries online:  CLICK HERE
  • Hand in your Wall Art on: Tuesday 12 April 2022 (bring to workshop evening)

Digital Projection Entries:

  • Email: competitions@hbps.co.nz
  • Subject: CAN 2022 DIGITAL ENTRY
  • Deadline: Tuesday 26 April 2022 by 5pm