Covid News

Covid Update 2021.11.23

Due to the impending change from the Levels system for management of Covid 19 to the “Covid Protection Framework” (CPF, or more commonly referred to as the “Traffic Light System”) the HBPS Committee met Thursday night to plan a strategy going forward for upcoming meetings and for the Christmas function.

The Committee felt it was necessary to make a decision now (despite not knowing which level of the Traffic Lights we will be placed into when it does come into force), and more importantly communicate that decision as soon as possible.

Given the requirements of the new CPF for large gatherings to be permitted only when the meeting as a whole observes the requirement for vaccination, and to be able to prove that vaccination, it was decided that the HBPS will adopt the rules of the CPF that allow us to meet with as few restrictions as possible, and therefore attendance at physical meetings and the Christmas function will only be available to members who are fully vaccinated, and have the required Covid Vaccine Pass.

We are aware that this will have implications for those members who are not vaccinated (for whatever reason), but the Committee felt that this decision provided the best benefit for the majority of the members of the Society, and was the right thing to do until settings allow us to meet without the requirement for vaccines.

The Committee will make every effort to enable members who are not able to attend meetings in person, to participate in the meetings via zoom or by recording the meetings, as we do not want this decision to be taken as excluding non-vaccinated members for participation in the HBPS.

At this stage we are not asking for anyone to confirm their vaccination status, but if you have indicated that you were attending the Christmas function and are no longer able / or want to then please let me know ASAP. Alternatively please feel free to send an email to

If you have any questions or concerns please contact a member of the Committee and we will try to answer them as best we can

Kind Regards

Secretary of HBP