We need your help!

Online learning

As part of our initiative to improve your photographic learning experience we have set up a web page called ‘Learning / Useful Links’.

Knowledge is key in developing your photography skills as well as creativity. With this in mind we have put together a page of resources directing you to specific websites that may interest you.
It is by no means a complete resource centre but it does provide you a starting point to find the things that may interest you.

We need your help to populate this page and create a great online resource for all members.
If you have found online tutorials, software, apps etc that have helped your photography, and which may be of interest to other members then please share them here.

Learning / Useful Links’ : This page is located at the foot of the HBPS website in the first column – see below.
Please provide info as follows:
Section Heading:
Topic/Subject matter:
Web address link: