Notice of AGM 2021

Notice of Hawkes Bay Photographic Society Annual General Meeting 2021

1. The Annual general meeting of the Hawkes Bay Photographic Society for 2021 is to take place on the Tuesday of 27 July at the Cedric Alexander Hall, 5 Devonshire Place, Taradale, Napier at 7pm.
2. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

• Minutes of the previous AGM

• The President’s Report

• Society Financial Report

• Election of Executive Committee

Nominations for the Executive Committee shall be called for in the notice calling the Annual General Meeting and such nominations shall be in writing and in the hands of the Secretary not less than 5 days before the Annual General Meeting. The consent of the nominee shall be required on such notice of nomination.
If there are insufficient nominations for any position, the person presiding shall call for nominations for that position at the Annual General Meeting.
Note : There are 3 vacancies for the committee:
Vice President
Committee member
Nomination forms are available from the Secretary.
General Business
Anyone wishing to raise a motion is asked to submit it to the Secretary not later than 23 July for inclusion in the meeting agenda.