NZIPP Nikon Iris Awards 2020

The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) had their annual Nikon Iris Awards 2020 in August. The judging of this years submissions are available on Youtube to view at your leisure (links at bottom of this page).

There are some amazing images in the 15 categories so there is something to interest everyone in the group. 

Hopefully you will find the judging process informative on how they interpret what is presented to them and provide constructive critique and feedback for the author. This may be extremely helpful when applying a critical eye over your own images and post production. 

The format of the judging is as follows:


  • There are 5 judges scoring at any one time – other judges are on standby and can be swapped at any time for a break or if they are the author of the image or know the author
  •  There is a convener who helps the process run smoothly 
  • Judges are made up of highly regarded and accomplished photographers in their own fields.
  •  New Zealand and international judges


  • There is an image run through of all submissions
  • Prior to the judging process the convenor reads out a description of the category and expectations
  • Each image is displayed for about a minute or two for the judges
  • The judges then score the image and the average of the five scores is announced. If there is a vast discrepancy in the scoring between judges then this can be challenged and a discussion takes place on the merits of the image. The convenor then requests judges to resubmit their new scores. The new final average score is then submitted against the image.

The scoring of images fall in the following Awards categories

  • 95-100 Gold with Distinction
  • 90-94 Gold
  • 85-89 Silver with Distinction
  • 80-84 Silver
  • 75-79 Bronze

Not awarded

  • 60-74 Professional Standard
  • 50-59 Below Professional Standard

Scoring and Awards information

  • Additional info on the scoring is in the table below


Awards categories and links