Monthly Archives: July 2018

Mid year – Presidents thoughts

It only seems like a few weeks ago it was New Year, and here we are just past the shortest day of the year, AGM has been and mid-year dinner fast approaching.

I also can’t quite believe that nearly a year ago I managed to get myself elected as President of the HBPS, and step into the rather large shoes of those that had gone before me. And as always things haven’t always gone smoothly in that year, but overall I am pretty happy with some of the changes that I, and the Committee, have managed to implement in that time. Some of the changes are small, some are boring admin things that the club members don’t ever get to hear about, and some of the changes have been quite fundamental to the way the Club runs.

Of those changes I am most pleased with the way that the introduction of the mid-month workshop meetings have gone, the support that they have received from the Club members, and the way that ( in my humble opinion ) the quality of the images submitted by both A grade and B Grade has improved over that time as a result. Also this has allowed the end of the month Club meetings to become a little more relaxed without the pressure to include some level of hands on / tutorials into the already limited time frame.

The 2018/19 year promises to bring a few more tweaks to the way the Club runs, but I will always ensure the you are all kept informed of any plans we have.