Monthly Archives: January 2018


Welcome to the start of a new year – and hopefully lots of new adventures in photography.

2017 really showed the diversity of the talent among members – with lots of learning off each other and the occasional “how did they do that moment.”

No doubt some of you got some new photography goodies for Christmas and are already trying them out.

The first set subject for the year I hear is challenging some people. We’re not used to being the subject – particularly those of us not from the “selfie” generation who I suspect are much more confident in this aspect of photography.

There’s a couple of documentaries on Vivian Maier well worth watching. Her photos were discovered in a storage locker shortly before her death and provide not just some stunning photography but some outstanding history as well.

She oft took self-portraits in a street scene environment and this link may provide some inspiration to you.

While we are talking about set subjects just note a slight change to the order for September and October. These two subjects have been reversed to fit in with the judges availability.

This year when you label your entries we would also ask that you label them for the month submitted – rather than for the month presented back to the meeting. The committee feels this is simpler to understand.

The first entries for the year would now be labelled January. The results will be presented to the February meeting.

Congratulations again to those who moved up to A grade at the end of the year. For those still a little nervous about the jump just remember you got there because you produced some really good photos. Like all of us you’ll develop further as the year progresses.

Was pleased to find that the website reached 20,000 views towards the end of the year. When it first started it was averaging 10 to 12 people a day looking at it. It’s now up to 20 to 30 a day. Most popular time is 9:00 am on a Monday.

All the best for the year ahead.