At the first committee meeting for the new committee we had a bit of a discussion about how do we tell if the society is healthy and how do we measure progress.

As much of our meeting is taken up with revealing the results of judging certain aspects would indicate things are in a good space.

Obviously people entering photos would be one of those – you can’t judge un-entered photos.

The second would be that we can see the quality improving.

So having a look behind the scenes we can see that both entry volumes are increasing and more honours are awarded.

This is a good reflection on you all as members. It takes a bit of confidence to enter your work and to get a judgement on it, a score and feedback.

Well done.

Jane will be working with a small group of newer members over several months to help build the both the confidence enter and the skill to improve.

We’ve also decided to have a second meeting each month to practice and learn specific skills. This will start this year – more details as we work out the practicalities.

With the move to use NZIPP accredited judges and the use of digital prints it has been decided to no longer accept prints for our monthly society competition.

This decision wasn’t taken lightly and we still want to see your photos in print form.

We are going to raise the awareness and lift the importance of our print competitions throughout the year to compensate for this. The print medium is still very important.

It was very nice seeing the wide range of prints at the mid-year function.

Thanks to Rosemary for organising and Stu for judging.

B grade results:

1st    A Bleak Day At North Piha – Vivienne W

2nd    Pretty Pencils – Sherryl N

3rd    Cadillac – Lester O

A grade results:

1st   Curtsy Ballerina – Rebecca M

2nd    Calm After The Storm – Liz C

3rd    Hill On Fire – Bruce C

Well done to all who entered. It was quite obvious from the discussions as people looked at the prints that everyone had their favourites and had fun guessing, often wrongly whose picture was whose.

The competition was worth it for those discussions alone.

I really liked the puffin with his mouth full of fish.

On a final note for this month I’d like to refresh the random banners that appear on the website.

If people wish to highlight some of their photography, with a widish panoramic type shot then that’s be cool. It’s a slightly different style that some might be used to but it’s also quite a good way of experimenting with a different crop of an existing photo.

No more than 3 each and email them to the competition email address with banner 1 (or 2 or 3) followed by your name.

They should be cropped and sized to 2000 pixels across x 500 pixels high to keep a consistent sizing. Have fun.