2015 Set Subject List

January 27th hand in – ‘Pathways’
February 24th hand in – ‘Lines and Curves’
March 31st hand in – ‘Silhouette’
April 28th hand in – ‘The Daily Grind’
May 26th hand in – ‘Seascape’
June 30th hand in – ‘Bejewelled’
July 28th hand in – ‘Photojournalism-On the Street’ Black & white month for entries in all categories
August 25th hand in – ‘Illuminated by Light’ Anything not lit by daylight or flash e.g. Streetlight, candlelight, painting with light, moonlight, firelight, glow in the dark etc.
September 29th hand in – ‘Purple’

End of Points Year

October 27th hand in – ‘Through the Window’
November 24th hand in – ‘Funny Signs’ – digital only’
December 8th – Christmas Party

The points year runs from October hand in to September hand in.

“Funny Signs” the November hand in can be handed in at or emailed to by the November meeting on the 24th or brought along on the night of the Christmas party on December 8th.
There are no points awarded. This is a fun contest only for a prize. The judging is carried out by the members.
A and B grade are together for this competition.